How to Buy Jamoncoin from TrustWallet

1) Download TrustWallet on your Apple or Android device.

2) Be sure to download the correct application:

3) Open the app and create a new wallet (it’s free).

4) Accept the “Terms of Service”.

5) Click on “Continue” to generate the “Seed” of your wallet.

6) Recommendation: Write it down on paper and keep it carefully, don’t lose it and never give it to anyone! If you lose the seed you lose your funds, if someone steals the seed you also lose your funds!


7) Check the seed generated by trustwallet by tapping the words in the correct order, as in the image below.

8) You have created your wallet! Activate push notifications and select “smart chain” to start buying BNB on the bep20 network (Binance Smart Chain).

9) Press “buy BNB” to purchase BNB through the “Simplex” service using your visa or mastercard. If you exceed a certain spending threshold, “Simplex” requires identity verification. “Simplex” applies 5% commissions always with a minimum deduction of around 8 euros.

Other option: If you have an active Binance account you can buy and send your BNB from Binance to your Trustwallet and skipping the purchase process via simplex!

10) Once the purchase is complete, your transaction will be processed and in a few minutes you will receive the BNB on your Trustwallet.

11) Tap on the DAPPS button and connect to PancakeSwap

12) Once you open the page of PancakeSwap tap on “Connect” at the top right to connect your TrustWallet to Pancake, select “TrustWallet” and confirm the connection by pressing “Connect” at the bottom

13) As you can see in the image, Pancakeswap now shows the total amount of BNB. Click on “select a currency” to select the Jamoncoin token (JMC). In the “select a currency” box you must enter the address of the JMC smart contract. Once copied and pasted you can display the “JMC” token and confirm by clicking on “add” smart contract address! Paste here! Smart Contract Address – JMC Token:

14) Before proceeding with the swap you have to check in the settings that the slippage is set correctly to 1%. Then select the amount of BNB you want to swap for JMC and click on swap as shown in the image below.

ATTENTION! For each transaction on Pancakeswap small commissions are paid in BNB. It is therefore strongly recommended to always leave a BNB amount equivalent to a few euros on your Trustwallet. If you run out BNB you will have to buy more BNB to do more transactions.

So, it is important not to spend all the BNB, leave a small percentage for commissions.

15) When the swap has been made, you need to approve the transaction and wait a few minutes to view the amount of Jamoncoin purchased. If the swap fails, repeat the operation.